Adam's HOPE

Adam's Hope is an outreach to our country's soldiers. The name is inspired through the life of one who fought so I wouldn't have to...an American soldier named Adam.  Though I have never met Adam, I was touched by his life and service through the testimony of his father.  This father, I knew loved his son dearly.  And he shared with me some of his son's journey, struggles, and triumphs as a soldier who served in the Middle East and then returned home stateside.   


My heart was deeply moved by Adam's story and his ability to overcome the atrocities of the affects of a life touched up close by war.  As this father and I spoke, I asked him what he thought of the name Adam's Hope...this was the name I heard in my spirit. He thought it was a great name.  I told him if God enabled me to serve in an outreach for His glory to soldiers, that would be the name.  I asked him if that was alright.  He told me it was.  Hence Adam's HOPE was born...from the heart of a father...and the LOVE for his son.


So it is with The Father of the first man Adam.  Oh, How Beautiful the Beloved HOPE that we find through the life of His Son Jesus.  This is an eternal HOPE and an everlasting LOVE.  This is what I want to share with so many who have given of their lives in service for us.

There is encouragement for those currently enlisted, and loving reminders to our veterans that they are not forgotten. Whether it is through a card, a letter, a Bible, a gift, or a song...I want them to be reminded that God sees them...They ARE LOVED... and that there is forever Hope in Christ Jesus. 

If you are a soldier, know a soldier, or love a soldier that you would like to be encouraged through the outreach of Adam's HOPE...please click the link and let me know.  All gifts are freely given in the love of JESUS...God Bless You~

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