Project:  God's Love 

From The Souls Of Negroes 


         Come along on a spiritual and  historical journey through time in song and experience

God's Love From The Souls of Negroes.  This project is one from which to glean understanding, wisdom, and purpose to overcome adversity and in doing so, find a source of strength found in the love of God, spoken through the lyrics of the Negro Spirituals. 


         This project is one curated by Chaplain Godschild and shared as reminder that within the human spirit lies a power to surpass our negative circumstances and situations.  Nothing is impossible with the help of God and the determination that beauty can indeed come from ashes, and a garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness.

        The original lyrics of the Negro Spirituals used in this project are conveyed through live song, set to original musical compositions.  Pictures help to convey the story. The words spoken speak to the hearts and souls of men...


                                          God's Love From The Souls of Negroes 


Songs From God

To The Souls of Negroes

The  Negro  Spirituals

Christ   The   Key