Peace Beloved,
     I am Chaplain Godschild and I am so glad that you came to visit Christ The Key.  God called me to found this music and outreach ministry in 2010 to share His Word and Song, One Heart and Soul at a time.  Since then it has been a journey.  A journey filled with ups and downs, trials and triumphs...but...through it ALL God has shown Himself to be faithful in His never ending LOVE.
He said that "It is with His loving kindness that He has drawn us." This is what I want people to know, because His loving kindness Saved and Forever changed my Life. Please be encouraged in knowing that whatever your journey has been, and regardless of where it has taken you, God is calling out to you in His loving kindness, in His mercy, and in His great grace in the name of His Son Jesus Christ.  
You can start again.  You can go on in Him.  You can experience His love in a tangible way. You can have life and have it more abundantly.
 Be Encouraged In All That HE IS....Chaplain Godschild
in me...

Chaplain Godschild

Christ   The   Key